Friday, February 29, 2008


Nicaragua is a beautiful country with amazing places, people, and traditions. Many people have a negative image of Nicaragua. It is because of the news. All the time, we can hear about the economic and the political situation.

Nicaragua has a president who is a leftist, and he is good friend of Chavez who is president of Venezuela. It is not the best impression to Nicaragua.

In contrast, Nicaragua is a country that is visited by many tourists around the world. Nicaragua offers to the tourists a safe visit and relatively low prices.

There are a lot of amazing beaches, colony cities, virgin jungles, and many little islands. All of them with hundreds of years of history. The most exciting attraction is climbing and exploring the Cerro Negro that is part of the Maribios Volcanic Range. At the summit, you can see this range.

It is one of many amazing experiencies that you can have in Nicaragua. Nicaraguans make you feel that you are at home.


Lucinda said...

That is a good story. Some people even myself didnt know. So thank you for sharing your story with us.

Julieta said...

Daysi, I would like to travel by another countries, like Nicaragua and know your cultures, traditional foods, habits. I wait your invitation. Ok, Daysi. No te creas estoy bromeando. But I want to know another countries.

sue said...

I am wondering what your opinions are about your "leftist" president. Do you think he is doing a good job for the people? What is his name?

Very well-written and informative post, Daysi. I have visited many Central American countries, such as Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. However, I have ALWAYS wanted to travel to Nicaragua... now I want to even more!

Maria P. said...

Daysi, what beautiful country you have. I think our countries are marvelous and we see all good things that they have, like places, food, people, traditions. For X cause we meet in this country that has good things too.