Friday, April 25, 2008

a little Dream....

Today I'm going to write about a dream and immigrations. As you know I'm a Citizen already. I took and passed the test on April 2006. In the middle of 2007 I did claim for my mother's residence, so she will be able to come to stay with me here in Colorado Springs. We wanted to finish all the paper work by April 08 then she would be coming in May, around my kids' birthday. However, I've sent and paid all the fees and done all the requirements they were asking for, but we couldn't finish on time. So far my Mom is in Peru searching for more documents that they want. Hopefully, we would be finished to send them more paper work this month then she will be able to come in the next few months.

Indeed, I've been waiting for this to happen since 2002. Bringing my family here is my dream, my Mom is the second person because I have my brother already here. I only have one more sister and my Dad in Lima, Peru. The lesson is when you really want something to happen you should wish it with all your mind and your heart and everything will come true no matter what. Everything that I have visualized in my mind it has been realized so far. It is nice to dream, but it is nicer to make they come true.

Puberty and Adolescence

Puberty and Adolescence are two important stages of physical development in our body. As parents, we need to talk about that our kids, because it is the time when they start to have physical and emotional changes.

I have a teenager girl. My daughter is in 5th grade, she is a quiet student girl and I expect she continue same. The last week in her school, the 5th graders had a conference with a professional assistance that explained this stage. In that conference they explained what happen with them at this age.

One day after that I asked her if she liked that conference. She answered a little confused and said, "That's fine, but I don't want to be growing up. I want to be a girl." When she said that I believe she start to feel confusion about herself. We don't know what happens in their minds. I think the best thing that we can do is be close to them and give more time counsels and comprehension and help them to have this happy stage with their self.

If we could keep a good relationship with them and we talking about sex, drugs, goals, values, friends, no violence. If we might mix that, with a quality and quantity of time with them I think they can to be a better person.
It is hard for us talking about this with our kids, but I think it is important, they are in a hard age when they start to change in all their feelings, thoughts and physically.

If we could have a good relationship with them, they can have a good experiences in their own life, keep free of drugs, without problems. Because it is at this age when they start to have many confusions and they need friendly parents who help to understand.

If they can trust in us as parents we need give our patience and love they can live better this age.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Best Gift I Ever Received Was.....

When I was 8 years old, I remember always walking with my mom to the market,but before we came to the market, we walked in front of a toy store, and it was there: a plush boy doll (muneco de peluche), color blue, for me it was huge, and I always said to my mom, "Let me look at the toy for a while." The toy was behind a big glass. My mom noticed that I wanted the toy, and then she asked me if I wanted it like a present for Reyes' Day. I told her "Yes."

I was very happy, but my mom bought me the toy before Reyes' Day, almost one month earlier. I don't remember why. She put the toy in front of my bed, my first idea was to grab it and play with it, but I preferred to wait until the big day. So it was a long, long month.

The Reyes' Day came and I played with my toy the whole day. Luckily, I took care of my toy and many years later my son and my daughter played with it. Now they are 16 and 14 years old. My mom still has my toy.

Friday, April 4, 2008

The best friend I ever had.

My little sister was my best friend, but how about my older sisters
and my brother, they spend time with us too.
sometimes I felt that the most important and precious thing that my mom
gave us was ''LOVE''.

Because she had not had the time to spend with us, but when she had
some she gave ''love and love'' to all her children.

We still talked and remembered, that we had a beautiful
family as children.

Now, all of us are married and have children, but we loved each other.
And I think my children and their children get along and love.
because we have done it too.

Things that happen

Weeks ago, my daughter and I woke up to go to school. This day I didn't have classes, but my daughter did.

I watched through the window, and it was snowing. I decided not to go to school. My daughter loves to play in the snow. W e put on warm clothes and went out side to play. We made snowballs, and we threw them at each another.

Then I felt weak, and I rest in a fence. I couldn't see and hear anything. I felt that I was falling down into a dark hole; I was suffering a fainting spell.

I opened my eyes when my daughter said to me, "Mama did you fall?" She wasn't scared; on the contrary, she thought that I was doing something funny.

Nobody was around me, nobody could see me, and nobody could help me. I just woke up by myself and came back to my apartment with my daughter.

I had never felt something so strange and horrible in my life. I think fainting is like being dead, but I woke up. It was very difficult to me because I am pregnant.


I have two "best friends", their names are Dora and Arely, they have been my friends since 1989. We was together in kindergarden, elementary school and high school. We lived in the same neighborhood, always they came to my home to play with the barbies, or do the homework for school. We loved to play in the park with other friends, but we were always together.

When we started the High school our lives changed because were young and now we are adults. In my city the people have the habit to go every weekend to the "La Calzada". It's very long street, and Dora, Arely and me loved walking at the "La Calzada".

I miss the old days and my friends. Now Dora has a daughter and Arely has a son. I hope when I go to Mexico I will see my friends.

How is the city where I'm living

Colorado Springs, CO is a quiet and beautiful city. I say that because I like it. I have lived here this last eight years with my family. Colorado Spring is a quieter city than another cities.

This city has some interesting places to visit, we know some, but I hope to know more. My family and I have many favorite places like The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, North Pole, and Garden of the Gods.

When it is Spring or Summer and the Weather is warm we like to go to the Bear Creek Park. That is a big Recreation Park where it is nice to relax and enjoy with my family. It is near by the mountain. I like this city because it has many programs to protect the environment.

In Summer with a little luck you can drive down the mountains and look in some people's yards and see deer, bears or any other animals. One day when we drove near the mountain in a home some cars were parked and the people looked something. We parked too and saw a bear mom with her cubs. That was a big surprise because she was at only few yards.

This City has many historical places and every year is visited by many tourists. This city has improved the sports and the Culture.

I love Colorado Springs because I have many beautiful memories with my family. If somebody wants to take a vacation in Colorado and would like to know Colorado Springs I think it is a good idea.

My Real Dream

The past tenth of March, I went to Denver to take the citizenship test. Before that day I was very nervous, I studied the questions, but when I'm nervous I forget all things. Days before I dreamed that the test was hard or my arrival was late. All those details of my dream did not come true. I was on time and the test was easy. I passed the test and now I'm waiting to go to Pledge of Allegiance. This is one of many dreams I had when I came to this Country. My other dream I have is to get my GED Diploma, but it will be when I am sure to speak and read very well English. I hope!