Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Introducing The Beginning Writers

back row: Sue, Daysi, Araceli
front row: Veronica, Maria P., Isela, Karla
not pictured: Alejandro, Dion, Eric, Gloria, Julieta, Maria H.

Friday, October 26, 2007


I really enjoy dancing! I dance every where I go, school, stores, parties, and when I'm in the streets. I've been doing it all my life! Dancing makes me happy,and its a good way to calm me down when mad. All my friends and family tell me I'm a awesome dancer. I always have a big smile on my face when one of my friends ask me to show them some of my moves. This is what I enjoy doing more than anything else. I'm just happy to know that I'm good at something.

The Halloween of My Sons

Yesterday, I went to the place to buy the costume for my son, but my big son didn't like any of the costumes because he wanted a costume of black Spider Man. They didn't have this in the place. Finally after two hours he said I want a costume of "Batman". My big son was difficult to decide for the costume and my little son (3 years old) wanted all the costumes of the place. When we returned to my house my son wore the costume and played all night until he forgot get out his costume and slept with it.

Traveling by Train

When my family and me went to Chicago we decided to travel by train. It was my first time. On the train my children were very happy, they liked seeing all things by the windows. In the train we went to take breakfast while looking outside. It was great! If you want to travel this is a good idea to do, because you have a time to talk with your family and enjoy.

Fires in the United States

I think that if the people live more closely and if we have more communication we could avoid that class of tragedy. Actually every kind of tragedy could be less. The thing that people need is more communication.

The Zoo and My Kids...

Yesterday afternoon my husband and I took the kids to the Zoo. It was really a fun day for us as a family especially for my twins. They are only 2 years and 5 months old and they love to see the animals. When they saw the elephant and the giraffe they just wanted stay there watching them forever. I took a lot of pictures of them with the animals. Next time I'm going to take them to a Farm, since they love animals I think they will enjoy also.

Finally we have our home.

We are a family of five people; my husband, my oldest daughter who is 10 years old, my middle daughter is 8 years old, and my little daughter is 5 years old. We have been living 10 years in US. During these years my husband and me worked together to have a better life. Our kids are growing and they are very good and intelligent girls .They like the school, the music, ice skating, the parks and they enjoy all what they have. We bought the house when they were little kids 4 years before, when they were a little babies and they now are very happy. We sent the last payment in August. Now we can breath happily because we have more security. Now our other goal is working hard to give them an education and when they will be older, they can be good people.


I like to talk about the book "El Zorro". This is a book I am reading and it is very interesting, because when you watch the movie you don't pay attention to the little things like "one spider was hanging in the door" or something like that so is why I love to read the book.

My busy day.

Sometimes I don't have too much time to share with my sons and I frustrated, because I need to make any activity with each one of them, but sometimes I'm tired and I don't know what to do but I try my best with them, I think I need to talk with somebody about my busy day, but I can not because I'm shy.
Now I'm trying to play 10 min. with them, read 20 min. with my older son, and teach them the prays of the church, because he is preparing for first communion in the catholic church, and I want to finish my GED.


I had heard about the hurricanes season in Florida. The hurricanes are part of the lifestyle of people here. They take safety precautions days before the storm. They buy food, water, gas, and batteries. The students and workers stop their activities. Why did I know this? I was in Florida when this hurricane affected this state. I had come from Nicaragua two weeks before Katrina's beginning. Watching the news, I knew about Katrina. I was very afraid because I had never seen the power of the wind. Uprooting a big tree, the wind amazed me. It happened in from of my eyes. I heard all the windows began to vibrate. I just kept praying all night long. Walking around the neighborhood, I saw the destruction the next morning. Thanking God, I saw the clear sky.


I have lived in Colorado Springs for ten years and have found that it is hard for people who do not have a car to find transportation to work and school. The city buses don't go everywhere and sometimes take an hour or two to get somewhere. Do you think Colorado Springs will ever be like the bigger cities with public transportation everywhere?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I created this blog for my adult students in order to expand our classroom community beyond its four walls, and to give them the opportunity to write for a real audience. The digital divide is so vast; this is one humble teacher's attempt to cross the chasm. They named their blog "The Beginning Writers" , which is honestly what they are. At least for now, anyway. I can't wait to see the progress they make!