Friday, April 4, 2008

Things that happen

Weeks ago, my daughter and I woke up to go to school. This day I didn't have classes, but my daughter did.

I watched through the window, and it was snowing. I decided not to go to school. My daughter loves to play in the snow. W e put on warm clothes and went out side to play. We made snowballs, and we threw them at each another.

Then I felt weak, and I rest in a fence. I couldn't see and hear anything. I felt that I was falling down into a dark hole; I was suffering a fainting spell.

I opened my eyes when my daughter said to me, "Mama did you fall?" She wasn't scared; on the contrary, she thought that I was doing something funny.

Nobody was around me, nobody could see me, and nobody could help me. I just woke up by myself and came back to my apartment with my daughter.

I had never felt something so strange and horrible in my life. I think fainting is like being dead, but I woke up. It was very difficult to me because I am pregnant.


evelia said...

What a beautiful day of snow, playing outside with your kids. But not all the days snowing, only one or two every month.

Julieta said...

Daysi, I know you are very happy for you pregnancy I expect you feel better now, and I happy because your baby is a girl, your daughter Daysi would have a sister to share and play.

sue said...

I'm so glad you are ok. I could really feel how scared and alone you were. Great writing!

Anonymous said...

It great that you're ok! It was sweet how you play out side in the snow with your daughter!

Marisol said...