Friday, April 25, 2008

Puberty and Adolescence

Puberty and Adolescence are two important stages of physical development in our body. As parents, we need to talk about that our kids, because it is the time when they start to have physical and emotional changes.

I have a teenager girl. My daughter is in 5th grade, she is a quiet student girl and I expect she continue same. The last week in her school, the 5th graders had a conference with a professional assistance that explained this stage. In that conference they explained what happen with them at this age.

One day after that I asked her if she liked that conference. She answered a little confused and said, "That's fine, but I don't want to be growing up. I want to be a girl." When she said that I believe she start to feel confusion about herself. We don't know what happens in their minds. I think the best thing that we can do is be close to them and give more time counsels and comprehension and help them to have this happy stage with their self.

If we could keep a good relationship with them and we talking about sex, drugs, goals, values, friends, no violence. If we might mix that, with a quality and quantity of time with them I think they can to be a better person.
It is hard for us talking about this with our kids, but I think it is important, they are in a hard age when they start to change in all their feelings, thoughts and physically.

If we could have a good relationship with them, they can have a good experiences in their own life, keep free of drugs, without problems. Because it is at this age when they start to have many confusions and they need friendly parents who help to understand.

If they can trust in us as parents we need give our patience and love they can live better this age.


Karla said...

Hi Julieta!!! your story is very interesting, because we have children too, in my case my son is 3 years old and I used the correct names for things when talking to him about his body. My goal is when he is in the school he can say the right answer and don't get confused, but the most important thing is what you said- values.

Lucinda said...

Thank you for that woundful storie I have a daughter and she is only 9. I have not yet talk or even thought about stuff like that and it was a very helpful storie. Thank you for your storie.

Anonymous said...

This is a nice note about puberty, here in this country the authorities are so worried about this stage of our lives, and they take care of that giving some conferences and stuff like that, however it happens I still don't understand why there so many drug problems. Where I come from there only one thing that parents give to you it is discipline and the parents' authority is respected.