Friday, April 25, 2008

a little Dream....

Today I'm going to write about a dream and immigrations. As you know I'm a Citizen already. I took and passed the test on April 2006. In the middle of 2007 I did claim for my mother's residence, so she will be able to come to stay with me here in Colorado Springs. We wanted to finish all the paper work by April 08 then she would be coming in May, around my kids' birthday. However, I've sent and paid all the fees and done all the requirements they were asking for, but we couldn't finish on time. So far my Mom is in Peru searching for more documents that they want. Hopefully, we would be finished to send them more paper work this month then she will be able to come in the next few months.

Indeed, I've been waiting for this to happen since 2002. Bringing my family here is my dream, my Mom is the second person because I have my brother already here. I only have one more sister and my Dad in Lima, Peru. The lesson is when you really want something to happen you should wish it with all your mind and your heart and everything will come true no matter what. Everything that I have visualized in my mind it has been realized so far. It is nice to dream, but it is nicer to make they come true.

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Kirsten said...

I hope all of your dreams do come true. It sounds like you are not just wishing, but working to make it happen.