Friday, April 4, 2008

How is the city where I'm living

Colorado Springs, CO is a quiet and beautiful city. I say that because I like it. I have lived here this last eight years with my family. Colorado Spring is a quieter city than another cities.

This city has some interesting places to visit, we know some, but I hope to know more. My family and I have many favorite places like The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, North Pole, and Garden of the Gods.

When it is Spring or Summer and the Weather is warm we like to go to the Bear Creek Park. That is a big Recreation Park where it is nice to relax and enjoy with my family. It is near by the mountain. I like this city because it has many programs to protect the environment.

In Summer with a little luck you can drive down the mountains and look in some people's yards and see deer, bears or any other animals. One day when we drove near the mountain in a home some cars were parked and the people looked something. We parked too and saw a bear mom with her cubs. That was a big surprise because she was at only few yards.

This City has many historical places and every year is visited by many tourists. This city has improved the sports and the Culture.

I love Colorado Springs because I have many beautiful memories with my family. If somebody wants to take a vacation in Colorado and would like to know Colorado Springs I think it is a good idea.


Lucinda said...

I'm not from around here and it's good to know theres places around here like that. I hope to see some of those places you told us about. My kid are come to visit and that would be some good places to take them. Thank you for sharing your story.

esperanza said...

Julieta, I think we share the same idea. I like Colorado Springs too.
I have been living here since 2000.
I came from Houston and I see the difference between big cities and quiet city like this one.

sue said...

One of the place we like to go in the summer with the kids are the fountains. Uncle Wilbur's fountain is downtown in Acacia Park, and the kids can run around, splash, and cool off. The new Julie Penrose fountain is in America the Beautiful Park. It's incredible! I recommend a trip to either one of these places with your kids this summer, and maybe we'll run into each other! :)

sue said...

Here are some pictures of the Julie Penrose fountain. Be sure to scroll down to view them all.

chung said...

Julieta1!....I'm so pleasure your story about our city, Colorado Springs,CO. My husband and I lives here more then fifteen years. I live five minute away from Helen Hunt Fall, It is so beautful to see and hear water come down fall also you go up the waterfall around you can see through the valley of Colorado Spring far as your eyes can see. We're out there very often enjoing ourself nature surround Us. Another thing Colorado Spring,Co. so close with n
National Park and Ski area.

ose with many

marian said...

I agree with you Julieta. The Colorado Spring is so beautiful. I love the pine trees, the pure air in the mountain. But my favorite place is "Garden of the God". I think this is it all the most wonderful place. In reality I love all that the mother earth give it to us.