Friday, April 4, 2008


I have two "best friends", their names are Dora and Arely, they have been my friends since 1989. We was together in kindergarden, elementary school and high school. We lived in the same neighborhood, always they came to my home to play with the barbies, or do the homework for school. We loved to play in the park with other friends, but we were always together.

When we started the High school our lives changed because were young and now we are adults. In my city the people have the habit to go every weekend to the "La Calzada". It's very long street, and Dora, Arely and me loved walking at the "La Calzada".

I miss the old days and my friends. Now Dora has a daughter and Arely has a son. I hope when I go to Mexico I will see my friends.


Lucinda said...

Its good to know you have friends like that some of us wished. We had friend like that it is something special I think. Your special to know them. Thank you for sharing you story with us.

Graciela said...

Ofelia, in this days is really hard
to find a friend on who you really can trust, you are lucky, and good for you that you keep in touch with your friends.

sue said...

I always think it's interesting how we grow up and change. Some friends we keep forever, while others we leave behind because we (or they) have changed.

marian said...

Hi, Ofelia. I like you publish because I miss to my only one friend that I have in all my life. I knew her in the elementary in the second grade, but when we were in the sixth grade she moved to another city and I knew nothing about her. And I really miss her.

Araceli said...

It's good remember the moments when we are youngest and it's so beatiful to keep many and excelent friends. I never forget to my friends who living in Mexico, sometimes we called by phone.