Friday, March 21, 2008

The illusion of my son.

In December I went to the post office to process the passport for my sons. This is so exciting because my older son Jonathan yearns to go Mexico. He asked many questions to the lady who attended us. For example..."Who will carry this papers to give me my passport back? How long time it is needed? Where it will arrive? " The lady answered all very pleasantly.

Days later when I came to pick up Jonathan at school his teacher asked me, "Are you moving to Mexico? " I was surprised about it, but I supposed why she asked this and I explained what was happening.

When we were at home I tried to explain to Jonathan when he will able to go to Mexico, it is hard for me because I didn't want to damage his illusion. Fortunate when I gave to him an explanation of the reason why we are here in the United States and what we need to go to Mexico, he understood our situation.

In the future we are going to Mexico and my sons will be able to know the beauty of my region.


esperanza said...

Claudia you're right! All the time
we are looking better future for us and our kids, but we gonna still
missing our country.

Lucinda said...

Its good to know that you have the courage to take your child. To places it would be hard for me to do. Cause im a big chicken and I always think some thing is going to happen. So thanks for giving me understanding to thing we all have to do. Thank you for sharing your story with us all.

evelia said...

Caudia, I don`t know how you explain that to your son,but he become to excited, may be because he wants to be there