Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Funny Moment

I remember when my brother and I were kids, always we were together for everywhere.He never went to school without me and all the time he waited for me to leave together. I did the same thing.

When we lived on a small ranch in Escuinapa, Sinaloa, our father took to us to fish in a saltwater lake. This water was part of the sea. My brother and I only caught crabs and some fish at the meantime that my father entered into the lake to catch shrimps.

Once when we finished and we were ready to leave, my brother let go all what we had caught in the day. Although my father was very angry we couldn't stop laughing. When I remember this time, I am still laughing. I miss a lot of my childhood, maybe because I don't have anybody of my family here with me. But same day. I hope.


sue said...

Congratulations on posting this from home, Marian! The picture you chose is just perfect. See you tomorrow morning!

Araceli said...

Hi, Marian. I like so much your comment because with this I remember my parents. I grew up in Sinaloa too and all time I figured I would stay in that beautiful place.

evelia said...

Hi.Marian, I think everybody here in u.s.a have somebody to miss in somewhere, and I hope you have the oportunity to be there in Sinaloa fishing again soon whith your father and brother.

Daysi said...

It is amazing how our mind gives us the opportinity to live those special moments again. I remember many moments that my sister and I lived with my father specially now when my lovely father is not with us, but he takes care us since the heaven.