Friday, March 7, 2008

Elecctions again!...2008

The race already started. The competition is getting tie. It is very exciting to watch TV and see how they try to get more votes. Yes, I'm taking about the Election 2008. I'm a democrat and my vote is of course for Ms. Hillary Clinton. Not only because she is a women like me. It is also because I believe in her. She is a very clever woman that has studied a lot to be a Senator and she is prepared now to be a President. I also believe in her capacity to solve internal and external problems in our country. I also like the strong personality she has. She is a good Democrat as I am. Many people say that she will continue with the same style of government as her husband. In my opinion she would be the same with Mr. Clinton or without him.

On the other hand, we have another good candidate Mr. Barac Obama. He is a young and very intelligent man. However, he has some little things that I don't like, for example; his ears and his wife. He also may has the capacity to do things for our country, specially for color people. I'm not racist, but it is something that you can see. He won in Georgia and it was something we were expecting to happen.

Even though both candidates are well-known, somebody has to win. I wonder if our country is ready for a female president or a black president?. Lets wait to see what happen because there are also Republicans in the race.


Ofelia said...

Your post it's soo important because the citizens of the USA have the decission to decide the future of this country, see you.

sue said...

I can tell you have thought a lot about this issue. It is so important for people to be informed and know what is going on. Right now, the race is getting even messier, and I hope the Democrats can figure it out soon!!!