Friday, May 16, 2008

please welcome.......

our newest US citizen!!!

Congratulations, Maria!

My Real Sad Story

Dear friends, two weeks ago I read a book about four true stories of abuse. The four stories are very sad, they talk about their lifes when they were child and younguest. They talk too how they follow ahead and how try to live a good life far away from bad memories of violence and abuse.

When I read this book,sometimes I cried and I was sad, but at the time happy, because they improve themselves. It's hard for me to try tell this, because something like that happened to me when I was child. I'm ok now. I suffered abuse by a man too, this man is son's friend from my mom when she was young. He never raped me, but I try to remember what's wrong in that time, because my mind close that part.Sometimes I don't remember what more happened. I talked about that with the priest in the church, where I volunter. He told me to try and remember all together and maybe that would help me. All that thinking about that I remember just one part. He never raped me only touched me, but I can talk about that, I need it. Because when you are child and suffer abuse by anybody,you think it is your fault, but it isn't. I never told my mom and she didn't know now, because she is sick and I don't want her to feel it is her fault. My Dad abandoned to my mom when I was very child, my mom worked hard for us for that I love her. I never said anything because I had been afraid and wouldn't be believe. Now I think it's not my fault,because I was only 11 years old.

I think of the girls and woman who are sitting there hiding their own secret of sexual abuse or other kind of abuse, too ashamed to speak it aloud. When something horrible happens to you and you keep it buried, it's easy to start believing that your story is the worst, that you are uniquely horrible, and that no one would ever, ever be able to accept you.

If they knew the truth about you. My husband and my little brother know my story, they support me and give thanks to GOD that man didn't raped me. I have learned to accept myself and to see the good things that make me what I am.
Now I try live the present, the past is back.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So this is it. The end of our journey. Here is your homework for the summer:

1. Read good books
2. Write in your journal
3. Post and comment on the blog

This year, your class has published a total of 92 posts on "The Beginning Writers"! This is totally AMAZING! I am so proud of you for your courage to take on something new, for sharing your stories so openly, and for being willing to share them with the world. I look forward to seeing some new posts during the summer. If you want to save them first as a draft, I will check them over for you before publishing. I will check the blog daily and hope to keep in touch with you this way. I'm going to take some pictures of our potluck today, and I will post them next week. So be sure to check in!

Thank you, everyone, for making it a joy for me to come to work every day.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

This day was so funny and interesting because I accompanied my 7-years-old son at Denver Museum of Nature & Science. It's very impressive all we can learn in a little field trip with our kids.

First, it's satisfactory to look the advance of my son in relation of living together with teacher and friends. Since, my biggest fear was my son would can't adapted whole at his school life.

The first area we visited was Gates Planetarium in that we know so much details about our planet, how it was formed, know stars and the most impressive was the movie we saw and all the children were astonished because in the theater all look like we are really in the space.

Then we visited the Egyptian Mummies Area and a curious thing was to prove the intelligent of the kids because they know so much about this time. The Museum is an incredible place. In the Museum, an adult can transform into a child for the whole time they are there.

All time was of learned, but the only bad thing was we didn't have time to watch all areas in the Museum. I can make a conclusion, "Is better to give quality of time than quantity of time to our children".

Friday, May 9, 2008

To my Mother...

Those littles lines are for somebody who is so special for me. She is the best example of women in the earth. Even though she is so far away from me I feel like she is with me all the time.

This person has been my strong since a was a kid. She pushes me to do things on my own. She gives good examples. She is always there to hold my hand when I am down. She is always there to give breath whenever I need it. With she I share my sads and my victories. I can count on her all the time because she is there for my and my syblings. She is simple and smart at the same time. She is a good sister and a good daugther. Whenever you want to do she is ther to support you.

I really Admire her, this women is mi Mother. Happy Mothers Day?.. and! Happy Mothers Day for everybody who is a Mother!...

My Best Friends

I have two best friends in Africa when I was five to twenty years old. The names of my friends are Lace and Lens. They are twins, both of them are male.

The three of us lived in the same neighborhood and were born the same year but different months and the same date.

We attented the same school in Africa, we had a common name that our neighbors, school mates, class mates,and other people called us with.

This name is called the big three because we have the same desires about becoming great and useful guys in the future, the same thinking about how to resolve problems.

We were motivated the same way, we were not just friends but a family, brothers, and beyond. Their parents and my parents were the same kind of friends and neighbors too. They were all happy with our friendship.

I worry about them and their future some times.I some times imagine us being together, talking about the future, how we wanted to have a successful life.

Imagining ourselves in America, Asia, Europe, and other part of the world.I miss them a lot and I wish for them to join me some day.

With All My Love

I just want to tell you some important things
that I never told you before.
I want to let you know that:
You are the reason for my existence,
you gave me the life and your advice,
you are for me the biggest of all the women.
And from you beautiful interior,
you gave me all your love and care.
For all this, you are my adoration
and I just want to tell you,
Thank you for all your blessing.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008


When Emperor Napoleon III of France knew that Mexico suspended debt payment for a period of two years, Napoleon III decided to invade Mexico and establish a monarchy in favor of France. He wanted to dissolve the constitutional government of Mexico and send a Emperor to respect their authority thus choosing Maximiliano of Habsburgo.In April 1862 the French army arrived in Veracruz. Then on May 5, 1862, the Mexican forces defeated a foreign power better prepared. To this event we called Battle of Puebla (Batalla de Puebla). This battle was an important victory with global resonance as the Mexican army defeated the French army, which was more experienced, reputed, and considered the premier army in the world."Cinco de Mayo" is celebrated in the U.S.A. because the General Ignacio Zaragoza was born in Texas while it was part of Mexico. For this reason he is considered the first Chicano hero. It seems that even people not of Mexican decent may also have an indirect reason to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. In Mexico it's a very significant event, but not an obligatory federal holiday.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

close to the end

We are getting close to the end of the school year. Our last day of class is Friday, May 16th. I have mixed emotions about this. Part of me is excited for summer vacation, and the other part of me will miss you. Creating this blog together has been an amazing experience as I have watched you grow as both as writers and computer users. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. Keep posting stories and comments over the summer, and we can keep in touch.

Friday, April 25, 2008

a little Dream....

Today I'm going to write about a dream and immigrations. As you know I'm a Citizen already. I took and passed the test on April 2006. In the middle of 2007 I did claim for my mother's residence, so she will be able to come to stay with me here in Colorado Springs. We wanted to finish all the paper work by April 08 then she would be coming in May, around my kids' birthday. However, I've sent and paid all the fees and done all the requirements they were asking for, but we couldn't finish on time. So far my Mom is in Peru searching for more documents that they want. Hopefully, we would be finished to send them more paper work this month then she will be able to come in the next few months.

Indeed, I've been waiting for this to happen since 2002. Bringing my family here is my dream, my Mom is the second person because I have my brother already here. I only have one more sister and my Dad in Lima, Peru. The lesson is when you really want something to happen you should wish it with all your mind and your heart and everything will come true no matter what. Everything that I have visualized in my mind it has been realized so far. It is nice to dream, but it is nicer to make they come true.

Puberty and Adolescence

Puberty and Adolescence are two important stages of physical development in our body. As parents, we need to talk about that our kids, because it is the time when they start to have physical and emotional changes.

I have a teenager girl. My daughter is in 5th grade, she is a quiet student girl and I expect she continue same. The last week in her school, the 5th graders had a conference with a professional assistance that explained this stage. In that conference they explained what happen with them at this age.

One day after that I asked her if she liked that conference. She answered a little confused and said, "That's fine, but I don't want to be growing up. I want to be a girl." When she said that I believe she start to feel confusion about herself. We don't know what happens in their minds. I think the best thing that we can do is be close to them and give more time counsels and comprehension and help them to have this happy stage with their self.

If we could keep a good relationship with them and we talking about sex, drugs, goals, values, friends, no violence. If we might mix that, with a quality and quantity of time with them I think they can to be a better person.
It is hard for us talking about this with our kids, but I think it is important, they are in a hard age when they start to change in all their feelings, thoughts and physically.

If we could have a good relationship with them, they can have a good experiences in their own life, keep free of drugs, without problems. Because it is at this age when they start to have many confusions and they need friendly parents who help to understand.

If they can trust in us as parents we need give our patience and love they can live better this age.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Best Gift I Ever Received Was.....

When I was 8 years old, I remember always walking with my mom to the market,but before we came to the market, we walked in front of a toy store, and it was there: a plush boy doll (muneco de peluche), color blue, for me it was huge, and I always said to my mom, "Let me look at the toy for a while." The toy was behind a big glass. My mom noticed that I wanted the toy, and then she asked me if I wanted it like a present for Reyes' Day. I told her "Yes."

I was very happy, but my mom bought me the toy before Reyes' Day, almost one month earlier. I don't remember why. She put the toy in front of my bed, my first idea was to grab it and play with it, but I preferred to wait until the big day. So it was a long, long month.

The Reyes' Day came and I played with my toy the whole day. Luckily, I took care of my toy and many years later my son and my daughter played with it. Now they are 16 and 14 years old. My mom still has my toy.

Friday, April 4, 2008

The best friend I ever had.

My little sister was my best friend, but how about my older sisters
and my brother, they spend time with us too.
sometimes I felt that the most important and precious thing that my mom
gave us was ''LOVE''.

Because she had not had the time to spend with us, but when she had
some she gave ''love and love'' to all her children.

We still talked and remembered, that we had a beautiful
family as children.

Now, all of us are married and have children, but we loved each other.
And I think my children and their children get along and love.
because we have done it too.

Things that happen

Weeks ago, my daughter and I woke up to go to school. This day I didn't have classes, but my daughter did.

I watched through the window, and it was snowing. I decided not to go to school. My daughter loves to play in the snow. W e put on warm clothes and went out side to play. We made snowballs, and we threw them at each another.

Then I felt weak, and I rest in a fence. I couldn't see and hear anything. I felt that I was falling down into a dark hole; I was suffering a fainting spell.

I opened my eyes when my daughter said to me, "Mama did you fall?" She wasn't scared; on the contrary, she thought that I was doing something funny.

Nobody was around me, nobody could see me, and nobody could help me. I just woke up by myself and came back to my apartment with my daughter.

I had never felt something so strange and horrible in my life. I think fainting is like being dead, but I woke up. It was very difficult to me because I am pregnant.


I have two "best friends", their names are Dora and Arely, they have been my friends since 1989. We was together in kindergarden, elementary school and high school. We lived in the same neighborhood, always they came to my home to play with the barbies, or do the homework for school. We loved to play in the park with other friends, but we were always together.

When we started the High school our lives changed because were young and now we are adults. In my city the people have the habit to go every weekend to the "La Calzada". It's very long street, and Dora, Arely and me loved walking at the "La Calzada".

I miss the old days and my friends. Now Dora has a daughter and Arely has a son. I hope when I go to Mexico I will see my friends.

How is the city where I'm living

Colorado Springs, CO is a quiet and beautiful city. I say that because I like it. I have lived here this last eight years with my family. Colorado Spring is a quieter city than another cities.

This city has some interesting places to visit, we know some, but I hope to know more. My family and I have many favorite places like The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, North Pole, and Garden of the Gods.

When it is Spring or Summer and the Weather is warm we like to go to the Bear Creek Park. That is a big Recreation Park where it is nice to relax and enjoy with my family. It is near by the mountain. I like this city because it has many programs to protect the environment.

In Summer with a little luck you can drive down the mountains and look in some people's yards and see deer, bears or any other animals. One day when we drove near the mountain in a home some cars were parked and the people looked something. We parked too and saw a bear mom with her cubs. That was a big surprise because she was at only few yards.

This City has many historical places and every year is visited by many tourists. This city has improved the sports and the Culture.

I love Colorado Springs because I have many beautiful memories with my family. If somebody wants to take a vacation in Colorado and would like to know Colorado Springs I think it is a good idea.

My Real Dream

The past tenth of March, I went to Denver to take the citizenship test. Before that day I was very nervous, I studied the questions, but when I'm nervous I forget all things. Days before I dreamed that the test was hard or my arrival was late. All those details of my dream did not come true. I was on time and the test was easy. I passed the test and now I'm waiting to go to Pledge of Allegiance. This is one of many dreams I had when I came to this Country. My other dream I have is to get my GED Diploma, but it will be when I am sure to speak and read very well English. I hope!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Excellent Times

Now, I will write some about my last weekend. It was a magnificent time with my family and friends. First on Friday I didn't have school, but the class of Head Start worked this day then my son needed to go alone to school. He was so expecting by this day and when Friday arrived, he looked nervous and frightened because never went some place alone.

He cried some tears at the moment of separation, but all was good after this time.I am so happy because now my son think and said me, "Mom, I am a big boy and went to school alone, yuhooo". Next, on Saturday I would have a party (baby-shower). This day I woke up early and went to the store and bought a little present for Liboria. She is pregnant and some ladies made a party in honour of the closely newborn. The party was so funny and all the ladies enjoyed the games, food, many conversation and so much good wishes for the new baby and family. Finally, on Sunday I enjoyed with my husband and children all day together.


I'm so deep in this book NEW DAWN ON ROCKY RIDGE. It is the sixth book in on ROSE YEARS. This story brings me back to when I was a little girl who lived on a farm with my parents and my sisters. When I read one of the chapters, it touched my heart, I was sobbing. I couldn't stop my ache tears that flowed down my cheeks.

So long ago we had hardship on our farm with mother nature. Many years of drought like your skin falling off your body. Nothing but dust to dust. Fierce wind struck the barley fields. Sometime rain fell down on the earth, swollen like an ALLIGATOR that swallowed a human with no chance to survive. The Harvest was destroyed.

But I also have so many wonderful memories of my chilhood. When I grew up........ now my parents both passed away a long time ago. I still have a heart ache to thinking about them, especially my dad. My dad and I had a special bond. When I am thinking of him , I'm a child again. The beautiful blue sky has puffy white cotton sailing away a like yacht . His big brown eyes looked down on me, "Child , everything is alright!!'' His eyes twinkled. All my fears ran away.

The illusion of my son.

In December I went to the post office to process the passport for my sons. This is so exciting because my older son Jonathan yearns to go Mexico. He asked many questions to the lady who attended us. For example..."Who will carry this papers to give me my passport back? How long time it is needed? Where it will arrive? " The lady answered all very pleasantly.

Days later when I came to pick up Jonathan at school his teacher asked me, "Are you moving to Mexico? " I was surprised about it, but I supposed why she asked this and I explained what was happening.

When we were at home I tried to explain to Jonathan when he will able to go to Mexico, it is hard for me because I didn't want to damage his illusion. Fortunate when I gave to him an explanation of the reason why we are here in the United States and what we need to go to Mexico, he understood our situation.

In the future we are going to Mexico and my sons will be able to know the beauty of my region.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Funny Moment

I remember when my brother and I were kids, always we were together for everywhere.He never went to school without me and all the time he waited for me to leave together. I did the same thing.

When we lived on a small ranch in Escuinapa, Sinaloa, our father took to us to fish in a saltwater lake. This water was part of the sea. My brother and I only caught crabs and some fish at the meantime that my father entered into the lake to catch shrimps.

Once when we finished and we were ready to leave, my brother let go all what we had caught in the day. Although my father was very angry we couldn't stop laughing. When I remember this time, I am still laughing. I miss a lot of my childhood, maybe because I don't have anybody of my family here with me. But same day. I hope.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Elecctions again!...2008

The race already started. The competition is getting tie. It is very exciting to watch TV and see how they try to get more votes. Yes, I'm taking about the Election 2008. I'm a democrat and my vote is of course for Ms. Hillary Clinton. Not only because she is a women like me. It is also because I believe in her. She is a very clever woman that has studied a lot to be a Senator and she is prepared now to be a President. I also believe in her capacity to solve internal and external problems in our country. I also like the strong personality she has. She is a good Democrat as I am. Many people say that she will continue with the same style of government as her husband. In my opinion she would be the same with Mr. Clinton or without him.

On the other hand, we have another good candidate Mr. Barac Obama. He is a young and very intelligent man. However, he has some little things that I don't like, for example; his ears and his wife. He also may has the capacity to do things for our country, specially for color people. I'm not racist, but it is something that you can see. He won in Georgia and it was something we were expecting to happen.

Even though both candidates are well-known, somebody has to win. I wonder if our country is ready for a female president or a black president?. Lets wait to see what happen because there are also Republicans in the race.

2008 Is a Leap Year

In 1987 my big sister was pregnant, when I heard about it I felt happy for her. She said her baby was born at the ending of February or in the beginning of March. The family was very happy and excited because we will to have a first baby in the family.

One day, I was talking with my sister and I mentioned her baby probably will be born in February 29Th, which is Leap Year, she she laughed. Finally my sister's baby was born on February 29Th, 1988,at 3:00am. All were really happy for them.

I wrote this in that day, on my Nephew's Birthday, but my question now is: How old is he?, He is 20 years old? or He is 5 years old?. He is a good young good son and a good student. I wishing that better things to him. Happy Birthday Josue !

My Husband.

Ever we write about our sons, moms, dads, country, or childhood. I ask to myself what about the husbands? Now I'm going to write about my husband. He is very important and special to me. I have the same feelings about my mom and sons.

I found this poem and I like it, because it describes my feelings about my husband. This poem was written by Nini Estrada. Here is the poem in its original form in Spanish:

Hoy quiero decirte tantas cosas, que brotan de mi corazon. Como el agua cristalina
del manantial. Te amo, te amare siempre hasta que la ultima hoja del calendario de
mi vida se desprenda. Hasta que el ultimo rayo de esperanza ilumine mi alma triste
y solitaria. Hoy quiero tocar tu piel, en este precioso momento en que acaba de llover.
Necesito encontrarte en todas esas cosas, que me hablen de ti. Dejame decirte en tres
palabras la cinseridad que encierra mi corazon, esas tres palabras son "Gracias Mi Amor".

Here is my own traslation into English:

Now I want to tell you a lot of things, that flow of my heart, how water
cristalline of source springs. I love you, I love you forever until the last
page of the calendar of my life falls. Until the last sunlight of hope shines
in my soul sorrowful and lonely. Now I want to touch your skin, in this
precious moment until it begins to rain. I need to find you in all those
things, that speak to me of you. Let me tell you in three words, the sincerity
that closed it my heart. Those three words are "Thanks My Love".

Well, this poem is little, but it is beautifull for me. I think that the husbands are important too in our lives. For them we have our children you know. Now why not talk about them?


Have you ever been in Guadalajara?
I was born in Guadalajara City the second largest city in the Country the population of 3.5 millions.
It's most typically Mexican culture such as the sombrero hat, mariachi music and tequila.Also known as "La Perla de Occidente" (Pearl of the West).
The city is beautiful and spacious.The Cathedral is surrounded by four beautiful plazas, Cathedral finished in 1618. The Cathedral is an emblem of Guadalajara .When you go in to the Cathedral you can feel the silence all quiet kind of scary, with monks walking in the hallways. Also they have enormous beautiful pictures up on the ceiling.
If some day you are going to Guadalajara city I suggest these food: birria de chivo, tortas ahogadas, jericallas and tequila. Places: Teatro Degollado, La Cathedral, La Basilica de Zapopan, Tonala and Tlaquepaque.

Friday, February 29, 2008

updated photo!

Our class has changed a a bit over the past few months since we started this blog. Some students have left. Others have arrived. It's just part of the process. Here is an updated photo of our class:

Front: Gloria, Marian, Maria P., Chung, Julieta, Alejandro
Back: Daysi, Karina, Ofelia, Claudia H., Araceli, Karla
Not pictured: Lucia, Maria H., Eric, John, Aurora, Veronica, Claudia M., Steven, Koren


Nicaragua is a beautiful country with amazing places, people, and traditions. Many people have a negative image of Nicaragua. It is because of the news. All the time, we can hear about the economic and the political situation.

Nicaragua has a president who is a leftist, and he is good friend of Chavez who is president of Venezuela. It is not the best impression to Nicaragua.

In contrast, Nicaragua is a country that is visited by many tourists around the world. Nicaragua offers to the tourists a safe visit and relatively low prices.

There are a lot of amazing beaches, colony cities, virgin jungles, and many little islands. All of them with hundreds of years of history. The most exciting attraction is climbing and exploring the Cerro Negro that is part of the Maribios Volcanic Range. At the summit, you can see this range.

It is one of many amazing experiencies that you can have in Nicaragua. Nicaraguans make you feel that you are at home.

Computer Lab

Here we are in the computer lab, where we do most of our blogging. A few students have computers and internet access in their homes, but most of them simply use the one hour a week we have in the computer lab to read, write, and communicate with each other.

Julieta, Marian, and Araceli



My Best Books of My Chilhood

When I was ten years old I loved to read. My father bought us the book of Tom Sawyer, and I read it three or four times. In my home we had a bookshelf. My father kept a lot of books, but they didn't have pictures, just letters.

When the time passed I liked to read more and I chose other books like: Little Women, Edad Prohibida, La Conquista del Exito, Hombres Triunfadores, Beauty and Beast, and another more in Spanish. My sister called me a, " library mouse," because I was reading the books in a few days. Now I want to read, but I don't have enough time, but I enjoy when I'm reading because I love it so much.

Friday, February 15, 2008


This is an exciting day for me and my daughter. She likes to dress up in red clothes with hearts. Paola likes to buy decorations for the house and candies to share at school in the little party they do before dismiss. All day long is fun for us.
She is six and she is experiencing this day like no one in her life. This sweet day it is more special than any other.
I do enjoy her happiness by my side and I do wish she can find her heart in the future like I did.