Friday, May 9, 2008

My Best Friends

I have two best friends in Africa when I was five to twenty years old. The names of my friends are Lace and Lens. They are twins, both of them are male.

The three of us lived in the same neighborhood and were born the same year but different months and the same date.

We attented the same school in Africa, we had a common name that our neighbors, school mates, class mates,and other people called us with.

This name is called the big three because we have the same desires about becoming great and useful guys in the future, the same thinking about how to resolve problems.

We were motivated the same way, we were not just friends but a family, brothers, and beyond. Their parents and my parents were the same kind of friends and neighbors too. They were all happy with our friendship.

I worry about them and their future some times.I some times imagine us being together, talking about the future, how we wanted to have a successful life.

Imagining ourselves in America, Asia, Europe, and other part of the world.I miss them a lot and I wish for them to join me some day.


sue said...

What a great story, Steven! I can feel the strong connection between you and your friends in your writing. Nicely done!

Sam said...

I had firends that way too. we were called the kland crew. kland is the street we all lived in. We all just go to each other houses and play games and talk bout playing football when we get older. All things changed when my friend diontea died and we all grow apart from each other. I miss them and worry if they are ok. good story i like it